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Welcome to Yisani, Your wellness journey

The word Sani means consciousness in Hausa, a language spoken in West Africa.

Yisani is our adaptation and interpretation of the word Sani to mean “Your consciousness”.

Yisani – Your (wellness) journey reflects the path we all walk to self-awareness and knowing thyself. The team at Yisani hope to walk alongside you, supporting you as you grow your business and offering.

Yisani was created with the interests of both the practitioner and patient in mind.

  • For clients/seekers

    Ever wondered what it would be like to have access to a little black book full of carefully sourced and highly recommended traditional and alternative therapists close to your home?

    Would you like to know that at the click of a button you can find a therapist that has been handpicked by people in your community?

    Sometimes following a traditional, more western medical route isn’t enough. This leads many of us to seek out more information about alternative therapies.

    Nothing is better or more reliable when friends share experiences about amazing alternative practitioners or treatments. It could be a yoga teacher, reiki healer, spiritual teacher or astrologist - it’s someone they have been to and have been blown away by. Their experience gives you the inspiration and the confidence to make an appointment for yourself.

    This was our inspiration for Yisani. We wanted to create a space and a community of like-minded seekers that together build a directory of hand selected trusted practitioners.

    Our peer reviewed and recommended directory of traditional and alternative professionals will allow you to choose any modality, quickly and easily.

    Yisani is your trusted source of healing solutions.

  • For practitioners

    Yisani offers an Online directory listing option that is 100% free of charge. Our mission is to create, support and build a community of like-minded, curated, holistic practitioners. Let Yisani be the catalyst for growing your online presence!

    What is especially unique is that you are able to build your own personalised practitioner portal which allows you to upload images, contact details and share information about upcoming workshops, class schedules, and offerings that Yisani will further publish to our social media channels.

    Looking for more support? Then our BOOKING SYSTEM is for you!

    The team at Yisani knows how overwhelming, costly, and time-consuming it can be to manage your own bookings, invoicing, and payments along with the marketing which includes so many social media platforms, the POPI act, and hidden expenses, deciding how to navigate your offering can be daunting.

    Our leadership team has considered every aspect of your journey as a practitioner. We are here to support you and to give you the gift of time allowing you to do more of what you do best: spending time with your clients.

    The Yisani platform will take all your admin off your hands, and yes, we mean all of it! How? By managing your booking system, invoicing and payments, and all the marketing to save you the cost of hosting your own independent social media platforms and website.

    We are so committed to your success that Yisani currently offers 3 free business coaching sessions to any practitioner who signs up to integrate our booking system with your clients.

    Practitioner and Seeker alike, we want to walk this journey together. Our vision is 100% community-based.

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